The Utah Solar Group Difference

If you’re looking for a company that provides residential solar installation in Utah, then Utah Solar Group is your number one solution. As electrical rates continue to rise, the costs of solar panels are lower than ever before. It is precisely for this reason you need to take advantage of the saving benefits solar has to offer.

We want you to break free from your utility bills and start saving. Utah Solar Group provides the highest quality products along with top-notch service. The team at Utah Solar Group is extremely proficient in designing, installing, and servicing everything solar-related. We believe in providing our clients with the best possible customer service, since they are the lifeline of the solar industry. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure we deliver on our promise. Our primary goal is to develop long-lasting relationships for decades to come. Utah Solar Group is a home solar installation company you can trust.

How We Operate

Whether you have a larger or smaller house—which will determine the number of solar panels needed—the first step will always be a site survey. An onsite visit requires the gathering of various site-specific information. This data includes:

  • Solar panel location – front yard, back yard, roof
  • Overview of power and heating systems
  • Ensuring we’re familiarized with all local building and electrical codes
  • Optimize project to adequately meet all client standards

Once we have all this in order, the next step to moving forward with your residential solar installation projects is sending the design to your local jurisdiction. Once approved, we can begin installing your solar panels. All solar panels we provide come with 25-year manufacturers warranty. Included with your manufacturer’s warranty, we also provide you with our 25-year labor warranty.

To take advantage of the best services from the industry-leading residential solar installers in Utah, call us today at 801-290-8955.