At Utah Solar Group, we provide premium-quality commercial solar installation in Utah. We cater to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Utah Solar Group has a proven track record delivering personalized solar solutions to a wide range of companies, non-profit organizations, and various industries in the Utah area. We carry extensive knowledge and decades of experience in the solar industry. Our installers are all highly trained and skilled, and always provide exceptional first-rate quality service. Utah Solar Group carries only trusted, premier products that have been proven to last. We have invested the time in researching what works best performance-wise so that you don’t have to. Expect top-quality service and clean installs from a professional commercial solar company.

Our Procedure

Initially, we first evaluate your current energy consumption.

Once we have determined your business’s energy consumption levels and all the necessary data has been calculated, we can then move forward to the next step with your commercial solar installation. Now, we complete a site survey of your business
to ensure everything is in order. We collect a variety of site-specific information, including:

  • Placement options – roof, ground, carports
  • Review existing electrical and thermal Systems
  • Ensure we meet electrical, structural, and mechanical code compliance

We then put together a design and submit it to the building jurisdiction and utility company to wait for approval. As the last and final step after approval, we install your panels with our professional technicians and electrical staff.

Utah Solar Group Warranty

We are so completely confident in our products and services that we provide a 25-year labor warranty on everything we install. In addition to our warranty, you also receive a 25-year manufacturer warranty that’s conveniently included with your solar product. Our panels have been independently tested to verify the validity of the 25-year warranty.

To discover more about the industry-leading commercial solar installers in Utah, call us today at 801-290-8955.