We are solar experts. Our goal is simple; to provide you the best solar at the best pricing.

Sunny Boy

The solar pup
Sunny Boy Wallace Solar Pup – basically Co Owner of USG.  He has a passion for dog toys, smelling things, and playing.  He is powered off the sun so he knows a thing or two about solar energy. Sunny loves nature and wants it to stay beautiful. He is the official mascot of USG and available for media requests upon appointment only.

Ryan Wallace

The Solar Expert

Ryan is the owner-operator of Utah Solar Group.  Before finding his passion in solar, Ryan did a lot of work in finance including: real estate agent, stock broker, insurance agent and tax advisor.  In 2015, he founded a solar company in New Mexico called NM Solar Group (NMSG).  While operating NMSG, Ryan and his team did a lot of great things for NM residents and environment.  Through an ESOP, Ryan sold a successful, thriving business with four locations to his employees in 2018.  NMSG continues to operate and is the largest residential solar company installing jobs throughout New Mexico.  After Ryan sold the company he moved to Utah for a change of pace and relaxation.  It wasn’t long until he got the bug to get back to work.  Hence, Utah Solar Group (USG).

With USG you receive the knowledge of an expert in solar as Ryan personally does all the sales.  He believes in fair pricing, honest dealings and customer focused values. Because there are a lot of solar companies in the industry that are not focused on treating clients fairly, Ryan’s idea is to educate each client and allow you to make the best decision on solar.  He is available as an honest resource to our clients.  He will work hard and do his best to answer any questions you may have.  His goal is to push solar forward by leading from the front.


USG is an owner operated company that focuses product and customer service quality first. We believe that as we take care of our clients providing them a great investment they will help us to make money fairly for all parties. USG can get any type of equipment you want. If you don’t know what you want we have equipment we like and use a lot.


We do free consultations. Ryan Wallace the owner will do all of these and field any questions. All info that is submitted will be used respectfully. Thanks for your consideration.

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