We are a local solar company. Our intent is to provide the highest quality solar at the best pricing. We are constantly looking at ways to lower our expenses and increase our efficiency. We do this without lower quality or customer service experience. We are very experienced in selling, engineering, permitting, installing, and servicing solar. Our clients are our lifeblood. We know that and strive to make every client a raving fan and referral source because of the experience they received.


There are a lot of options out there for solar panels, inverters, racking, and financing. We have taken the time to research it for you. We have chosen only the best products to sell to you. We offer zero down financing from banks that have approved our products and are willing to invest into them for 25 years. We provide great looking solar panels with clean installs and we stand by our products. We invite you to do your own research and will provide any information to assist in this research.


We are a financially strong company with zero debt and the lowest operating expenses in the industry. We are confident that we will be around to fulfill on our warranties. We only use solar panels that have at least a 25 year warranty. They have also been independently tested by USA testing centers that approve to be sold in the USA under the warranty of 25 years from manufacturer. The inverter we use independently works under each panel and has a 25 year warranty. We are also roofers and will warranty roof penetrations that we do as well. We provide a 25 year labor warranty in conjunction with the warranties provided by our manufacturers. We have personally gone to the factories to see how these products are made and produced. We are confident in our warranties and stand by them.


At this point if solar is sounding like an investment you are ready to make this would be the process. Initially we need to know how much consumption of electricity you are doing in your house over a 12 month period. We will use a software program tied in with government data from PV watts to calculate how many panels you need for your home. After that we do a site survey where we check your home to verify everything and make the plan to install solar on your home. We will design an architectural plan for structural and electrical permitting. We submit those to your building jurisdiction and your utility company. Once everything is approved we are ready to install. We will do a very professional job installing your system. We used qualified electricians and well trained installers. We take pride in our work. When we finish the install we will get inspections from the building jurisdiction and the utility. They will make sure everything was done safely and according to the plan. Then it goes to interconnection (the most exciting part). After interconnection your system will now be functional. We will set you up on a mobile app where you can then monitor the daily production of each panel. We will do the same on our end.


We are a straight shooting and honest solar company. While we do expect to make around a 15% margin on our projects we aren’t taking advantage of our clients ever. We are looking to do fair business for all parties involved. We would love the opportunity to give you a free consultation. During this consultation we look at your roof structure, electrical infrastructure, and your electrical consumption. From there, we can then make you a professional and accurate quote on solar system for your home.